Lane End Garden

Garden Design

A small garden created to the rear of a new build property in the Chilterns village of Lane End.

This garden was the epitome of a blank canvas; the developers had created the smallest area of paving possible and then turfed the entire garden to the new boundary fences.  The one tree which had been planted subsequently died; leaving the new owner wondering what to do with the space, which was also overlooked by neighbouring properties.

The client had come from a period cottage in the South West, with a very relaxed and beautiful garden and was herself a keen gardener – if we couldn’t create a garden to meet her expectations she was contemplating moving!

Through various discussions and concepts a design was created which introduced larger paved areas for seating, informally finished with pebble beds and stepping stones connecting the different areas.  Two pergolas were created – one to the rear of the house to give a sheltered spot off the living room patio doors and a second to create a seating area at the end of the garden looking back towards the house and the new summerhouse.

Planting was key in the garden, not only for colour and interest but also to help draw the eye down into the garden and away from the neighbouring houses.  This was achieved using some specimen small trees including a weeping silver pear, a purple leaved Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ and a multi-stemmed Amelanchier, along with black stemmed bamboos to the rear and a selection of climbers on the fences and other vertical structures.

The new planting beds were planted with a colour palette of whites, silvers, mauves and purples with a long season of interest and evergreen structure during the winter months.

Suffice it to say that the client decided to stay, having a conservatory built a few years later to enjoy the re-envisioned garden with a hint of her old cottage.